Fishfishme has been helping people find and book fishing charters since 2012. They cover some of the best fishing spots in the world and are expanding your coverage area rapidly.

The problem

Fishfishme had been operating for 2 years with a platform that failed to engage users or create unique users. The rebound rate tested in Google Analytics was quite high. So we needed a user test to analyze the real problems that the old website had before we knew what to redesign or fix.


Working on this project presented several challenges. The first was to analyze and classify the types of users that use the platform. Being a sport fishing booking business, but at the same time a boat affiliation site, we are faced with the challenge of redesigning a platform that convinces both users for reservations and the captains of the boats themselves.


  • Double the number of unique users on the web.
  • Reduce the rebound rate of each of the users in the Home.
  • Adapt the web to all devices.
  • Increase the number of users arriving at the reservation area of ​​the website.
  • Reduce the rebound rate of each of the users on the payment platform.


Rebound rate was reduced by 30% both on arrival in the Home and in the payment area for the reservation, feedback from users was positive and the unique users tripled in a few months.