Hi. I´m Christian, a designer with background on Illustration, UX / UI, Brand, Typography, Front-End and VR / AR


I use LEAN UX methodology (Lean Startup + Design Thinking + Agile)
to create experiences on product design processes.

1. Vision and Concept

Hypothesis Statement, Validate results and create Persona-jes.

2. Collaborative Design

Team must be integrated on design process, so we will have less documents.

3. Prototype and Testing

Create the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and test soon with users.

4. Feedback and Iterative

Listen to your users, improve feedback and repeat the process.

Success and concepts


  • Degree Virtual Reality Design Immersive

    Uxer School. Madrid. Spain.2018
  • Head UX Designer

    NGA Human Resources2017 - Present
  • Degree Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience

    Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona. Spain.2016
  • UX & UI Designer. Brand. Front-end

    Fishfishme2012 - 2016
  • 500 Startups. Silicon Valley, California (EEUU)

    500 Startups2015
  • Degree Web Designer

    Estación Diseño. Granada. Spain.2013
  • Wayra. Barcelona

  • Degree Graphic Designer and Multimedia Production

    Escuela Arte Granada. Granada. Spain.2008 - 2012
  • Graphic and Web Designer

    Freelance2003 - Present